Ayers Rock in the rear view 


The Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy by Siobhan @ http://www.siobhanmariephotography.com

What a beautiful smile

I love this photo so much and remember it so well it was my first trip on a Thai train. OMG jammers would be an understatement. Me & the other girls, I was travelling with were a little bit scared of the long journey ahead it was about an 8 hour ride the heat was… Continue reading What a beautiful smile

Old Port, Montreal, Canada

This is one of the first photos I tool while travelling Canada. Myself & my sister landed in Montreal, at night time, so there was not a lot to see in the dark The next day when we went out sightseeing this was one of my first photos, I couldn't believe the pretty colours everywhere… Continue reading Old Port, Montreal, Canada

The Wicklow Way, Wicklow, Ireland.


Ayers rock, Australia

How to organise everything yourself for travel to Australia

Understanding how to, organise everything by yourself is essential when, before & while travelling. Not only will it save you enormous amounts of cash that you could be enjoying you will learn so much about you & what you are capable of. When I first decided to get to OZ, it was kind of a… Continue reading How to organise everything yourself for travel to Australia