Having a se esta

Having a Se Esta by Siobhan @ http://www.siobhanmariephotography.com

I loved taking this photo, I was coming out from union station & they were all just chilling at the top of the steps. I couldn’t believe they just let me sit on the steps & take photos of them. I would have expected them to fly off but they didn’t budge, I think they really loved it ♥

Lisbon, Portugal

 Taken At Saint Georges Castle By Siobhan Cleary @ http://www.siobhanmariephotography.com

What a beautiful smile

Version 2

I love this photo so much and remember it so well it was my first trip on a Thai train. OMG jammers would be an understatement.

Me & the other girls, I was travelling with were a little bit scared of the long journey ahead it was about an 8 hour ride the heat was unbelievable & our first time doing it.

I remember sleeping with my bag at my side with a lock on it because everyone told us, don’t fall asleep, you’ll be robbed. This didn’t work for me I love sleep too much so the lock worked for me 🙂

All in all the journey was fine, we didn’t get robbed & it was great experience.  We  were like celebrities on the train people kept coming up & looking at us they were fascinated by us. It was so funny. When travelling, dont let what people tell you put you off, instead embrace every moment with curiousty. If I hadn’t got on the train I would have got this picture.

Experience is the teacher of all things.

Julius Caesar

Old Port, Montreal, Canada

Old Port, Montreal, Canada.This is one of the first photos I tool while travelling Canada. Myself & my sister landed in Montreal, at night time, so there was not a lot to see in the dark

The next day when we went out sightseeing this was one of my first photos, I couldn’t believe the pretty colours everywhere from the maples.

This was taken at Old Port, Montreal it was one of my favourite place in Canada. Although, it was very busy it was still so peaceful. There are so many photo opportunities in the area.

Make sure if you ever visit Canada to visit Montreal.

Ankor Wat, Cambodia.

Their own thingAbsolutely love the vibrancy of their robes & how they stand out against the dark background.



Beautiful Skyline, Toronto, Canada

This was taken on a very cold  -10 degrees in Toronto, Canada in dec 2016. However, you wouldn’t think so by looking at it. I don’t know whether it is just me or not but I always find when there is a cold day with a clear sky, the sunsets are amazing, they have a real crispness in photos.

The Wicklow Way, Wicklow, Ireland.

Siobhan Marie Photography


Skies the limit

Keeping things in perspective 🙂

Not a care in the world


This was such a lucky shot he was Just hanging out enjoying the sunshine & i was lucky enough to find him while passing 🙂

A mystical trip down the Mekong Delta


This was one of my favourite days in Asia along the Mekong Delta. It was a lovely area called Bến Tre where there was also a place we went for some tea & to watch the fresh coconut sweets being made. They were delisious we took loads with us.

There were so many photo ops but this was one of my number 1 the fogginess all the way up  to the last boat in from of us and over our head & I was the last one so I’m very happy for that as it got the whole scene in the picture.