All in the lighting

All In the lighting by

Reclining buddha, Bangkok.

Reclining buddha, Bangkok by Siobhan @

She is a happy pig in s**t :) look at the smile

She is a happy pig in shit by Siobhan @


Double Vision

Double Vision by Siobhan @

Ghosting Effect

Ghosting Effect by Siobhan @

This was an image I captured while backpacking, Vietnam. At the time, I had not got a clue what it was called, I was only getting started with a camera & didn’t have a clue about special effects or anything.

But now I am so glad I captured it & now know what it is called 🙂

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect by Siobhan @

This was a beautiful image to capture. It was almost sunset & the duck way just playing away by itself, doing all its little tricks, oblivious to my presence which worked out very well in my favour, for the shot.


What a reflection

What a reflection by Siobhan @



Finding Nemo

By Siobhan Cleary @