Chilling in the grass

Chilling in the grass @


A little bit of everything

A little bit of everything by siobhan @

Flying High

Flying high by Siobhan@

Ayers Rock in the rear view 

When the moon has a glow

When the moon has a glow by siobhan @

Powerscourt gardens & estate, Wicklow, Ireland.

Powerscourt by Siobhan @

This is a beautiful place to visit if ever in Ireland, it is just roughly 40 minutes from the capital city & so worth the drive.


Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect by Siobhan @

This was a beautiful image to capture. It was almost sunset & the duck way just playing away by itself, doing all its little tricks, oblivious to my presence which worked out very well in my favour, for the shot.


12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia

12 Aposles, Great Ocean Road, Australia

Ayers rock, Australia

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
The big red rock