Chilling in the grass

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Flying High

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When the moon has a glow

When the moon has a glow by siobhan @

When the moon has a glow by siobhan @

Double Vision

Doubles by siobhan@

Double Vision by Siobhan @

Finding Nemo

By Siobhan Cleary @

By Siobhan Cleary @

Swirl Of light

Darkness can be beautiful


Old Port, Montreal, Canada

This is one of the first photos I tool while travelling Canada. Myself & my sister landed in Montreal, at night time, so there was not a lot to see in the dark The next day when we went out sightseeing this was one of my first photos, I couldn't believe the pretty colours everywhere… Continue reading Old Port, Montreal, Canada

The Wicklow Way, Wicklow, Ireland.


A beautiful View

What caught my eye about this shot was the lighting & how the cat was just fixated with what was going on outside especially the beautiful tree. The colours in the tree were beautiful.