Ayers Rock in the rear view 


Dragon heads in a great pair of hands

This is a great photo I was so glad to have captured while visiting the Blue Mountains in Australia. They belong to a man who visits the top where the tourists start out their visit. He is a lovely polite man. He used to be a tour guide there & now just goes up to… Continue reading Dragon heads in a great pair of hands

Not a care in the world

This was such a lucky shot he was Just hanging out enjoying the sunshine & i was lucky enough to find him while passing 🙂

mama & baby

This is a beautiful photo I captured while living in Queensland, Australia. This was a mama kangaroo who always came around the the balcony area of the apartment I was living at.  I would give her some fruit & she would happily just chill around the area all the time. Then one day out pops… Continue reading mama & baby

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia

One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen

How to organise everything yourself for travel to Australia

Understanding how to, organise everything by yourself is essential when, before & while travelling. Not only will it save you enormous amounts of cash that you could be enjoying you will learn so much about you & what you are capable of. When I first decided to get to OZ, it was kind of a… Continue reading How to organise everything yourself for travel to Australia