A short story about Cambodia

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

Nelson Mandela

This was one of my biggest eye-opening moments to the world. Coming from Ireland where I would class a lot of people rich compared to this. I could not believe this is how people lived in this day & age. Until we see it with our own eyes it is not a reality.

I remember sitting on the bus, there was a road block & we had to stop. But we were not allowed to get off. It was actually a heartbreaking moment. I could not believe what I was seeing. I had paid to take a bus from Vietnam to Cambodia. These people don’t have that luxury. I now fully understand that. Buses full of tourists pass them regularly. I wondered, do the majority of tourist even see the bigger picture. On my bus at least 70% were asleep.

There was 3 others an older man & two boys playing with a football at the edge of the tent. They had nothing but look how happy they looked. I really could not believe this was how these people lived. What they are sitting on is their home. Behind the white plastic that they have for shelter, is a green swamp area. This was taken in the middle of a dirt road.

Then it dawned on me how the world works. These people don’t have a clue about anything else in the world, how could they. There is no real education being provided for them, they live in unsafe environments, barely any food or shelter. And are part of one of the biggest Human Trafficking areas in the world. But as far as they are concerned this is all normal. They know nothing else.

When we finally got to a town to have some food. I remember going to the toilet & when I got back here was a man sitting in front of me. He must have been about 60-70, well dressed. He was American, I, heard him ordering. Then a little boy appears. He was about five & Cambodian. I knew immediately what I was witnessing by the way he looked at me. He was a sex slave. I remember my face filling with blood I was so angry.

I wanted to scream at him so badly


I said it to my sister and the other girls I was going to say something. They said don’t. One of them nodded out the window across the road there was a big embassy or something. The outside was filled with guards armed with guns. I knew there was nothing I could do  I didnt have a leg to stand on. This was how this country works. It was heartbreaking.

When we got to Siem Reap I was exhausted from what I had witnessed. But it wasn’t over. That night, we headed out for food, stumbled across pub street. We went and got some food. The whole street was full of young prostitutes no more than 15 trying to impress all the tourists. I remember a table full of European men sitting in front of my table. The young girls started to walk up to them sitting on their laps and trying to pull them away. I was absolutely disgusted, not at the girls, at the tourist for allowing it. It didn’t seem to faze anyone it was normal here. 

Then, further up the road, there were little boys dancing and doing silly things kids do, trying to get the attention of the tourists. Everyone was so drunk they taught it was hilarious. I was appalled at the fact people didn’t even blink. Kids no more than 8 out in the middle of the street trying to entertain them. I had to leave & go back to the room I had enough.

 The point of this post is to raise awareness of what goes on in countries like Cambodia. These people don’t know any better. But when you have well-educated people going and buying people for sex and every one turns a blind eye there is a huge problem. 

I have actually witnessed other tourists saying things like its a disgusting sleezy place. But the reality is, if these people were provided with correct education to nourish their mental health & shown basic human rights. Would they really, sell themselves or, their children to these inhumane characters, buying them. I somehow highly doubt it. Lets face it, the people of Cambodia are not the ones who are highly disturbed. The ones restricting the human rights are !!!

↓↓ Just a little over two minutes if you can spare it please watch & share the video ↓↓

↓↓ This one is a lot longer but it is so worth the watch for a true eye opener ↓↓

Ps please remember when traveling don’t just turn a blind eye, I‘m not suggesting getting yourself in trouble to help someone. However, become aware of the bigger picture. If there we less blind eyes being turned & more open, the world would be less corrupt. Share you stories  in order to help countries just like Cambodia after you visit them.

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