Is irresponsible tourism partially to blame for the unethical treatment of people & animals

Ok touching wild animals, riding elephants, is just some of the most sought after experiences for backpackers, travellers, etc. To countries like, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. The reason Iā€™m just saying these countries is because, they are the ones I have personally visited & have experienced, therefore, I can comment. After taking part in the majority… Continue reading Is irresponsible tourism partially to blame for the unethical treatment of people & animals


Hey there good looking

Hey there good looking by Siobhan @

Hey there good looking by Siobhan @

She is a happy pig in s**t :) look at the smile

She is a happy pig in shit by Siobhan @

She is a happy pig in shit by Siobhan @  

Nosey Donkey

Nosey Donkey by siobhan@

Nosey Donkey by Siobhan @ Me & my sister were just walking through these grounds & up pops his head, starts hee-hawing it was so funny. Then just stood there staring at us for ages šŸ™‚  

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect by Siobhan Cleary @

Ripple Effect by Siobhan @ This was a beautiful image to capture. It was almost sunset & the duck way just playing away by itself, doing all its little tricks, oblivious to my presence which worked out very well in my favour, for the shot.  

Having a se esta

Having a Se Esta by Siobhan @ I loved taking this photo, I was coming out from union station & they were all just chilling at the top of the steps. I couldn't believe they just let me sit on the steps & take photos of them. I would have expected them to fly… Continue reading Having a se esta

That happy face

It's the things in life, that we call the little things, that are actually, the biggest things that make the most impact on a person life. Like Pets A walk in nature Reading a book Taking a bath Relaxing Enjoying a new food Just a few to mention. I believe it is so Important to… Continue reading That happy face

Not a care in the world

This was such a lucky shot he was Just hanging out enjoying the sunshine & i was lucky enough to find him while passing šŸ™‚

A beautiful View

What caught my eye about this shot was the lighting & how the cat was just fixated with what was going on outside especially the beautiful tree. The colours in the tree were beautiful.    

mama & baby

This is a beautiful photo I captured while living in Queensland, Australia. This was a mama kangaroo who always came around the the balcony area of the apartment I was living at. Ā I would give her some fruit & she would happily just chill around the area all the time. Then one day out pops… Continue reading mama & baby