Let me introduce Big Ben :)

Let me introduce Big Ben by Siobhan @ http://www.siobhanmariephotography.com

All in the lighting

All In the lighting by Siobhan@siobhanmariephotography.com

Double Vision

Double Vision by Siobhan @ http://www.siobhanmariephography.com

Ghosting Effect

Ghosting Effect by Siobhan @ http://www.siobhanmariephotography.com

This was an image I captured while backpacking, Vietnam. At the time, I had not got a clue what it was called, I was only getting started with a camera & didn’t have a clue about special effects or anything.

But now I am so glad I captured it & now know what it is called 🙂

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect by Siobhan @ http://www.siobhanmariephotography.com

This was a beautiful image to capture. It was almost sunset & the duck way just playing away by itself, doing all its little tricks, oblivious to my presence which worked out very well in my favour, for the shot.


Dragon heads in a great pair of hands

This is a great photo I was so glad to have captured while visiting the Blue Mountains in Australia.

They belong to a man who visits the top where the tourists start out their visit. He is a lovely polite man.

He used to be a tour guide there & now just goes up to see all the people for memories sake.

I remember chatting to him for all of 5 – 10 minutes he is full of knowledge & loves to tell his tales.

If you ever visit you will see him say hello 🙂

Swirl Of light

Darkness can be beautiful

Goldie dark


Intense B&W

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Wayne Dyer

Leading Lines

Leading Lines