Welcome to my website.
 Here I will be showcasing my photography with stories gained while taking the photos either while travelling or in everyday life.
Have a read of my Bio so you can get to know me.

The first time I realised photography was my thing was during a walk in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. I Still remember it, as clear as day, there was a beautiful picture right in front of me, the composition was unbelievable (I hadn’t a clue that’s what it was called back then). The first thing that popped into my head was, I wish I had a camera right now, I just knew right there and then that it was for me. The next day I went and bought myself a little Casio, it had all these gadgets and settings that I just couldn’t get enough of. Then I found the brand Canon and there was no turning back. It just seemed to fit, it was like I knew exactly what I was doing, from the angles to the contrast of the images I had captured, it just came naturally. I have taken some online courses but the majority of what I know is self-taught, mainly through experimentation.

Travel is also another huge part of my life I feel it is the best way to learn. Others can tell you their stories; but experience is key, not just in relation to travelling, in relation to everything in life. Travel is where I picked up the majority of my photography skills. The photo opportunities are endless, its amazing.

You could, be walking down a street in the middle of Asia & out of no where comes a monkey, if that’s not the best way to learn how to take a mixture of sport, candid & street photography all in one, in a very quick second, I don’t know what is 🙂  I am still learning and I believe I always will be, because there is always something new to learn and beautiful new moments to capture.

“Photography is like taking a breath
Inhale = Holding down the shutter
Breathe =Taking the shot
Exhale = Something amazing has been created.”

It’s a beautiful gift, to see things that no one else can see or to see things differently. When taking a photo, I try to be as mindful as possible every time, because I have, on many occasions, went back to the exact same spot but have seen things completely differently or found new things to appreciate every time. There is always something new in old places to capture.My favourite photo, to date, is one from the Phoenix Park, Dublin, which is one of my favourite places in the world. This particular time I took a photo of a regular tree, it wasn’t the vibrant colorful leaves or the dark trunk that caught my eye, it was a small bunch of brown leaves perched on their own branch, coming into winter this is normal but it was the middle of summer which made it really stand out. Don’t get me wrong the whole tree was beautiful, but that branch was different, which made it stand out, that is usually what catches my eye, because there is nothing unique about blending. 

“In my opinion, I do not believe the camera and gadgets are the most important aspect of photography yes they are important but it is the photographers point of view behind the lens that makes it an original.”

There are, a lot of areas in photography that I am interested in, but, my favourite would have to be landscape, sunsets and scenery. I could genuinely sit and stare at a beautiful sunset on a beach for hours, there is a euphoric sense of peace that comes with photography. It’s like being in another world, it makes you really appreciate what you are looking at, all the time, especially a beautiful sunset.

Photography, is not my only interest, I have many, another main one would be, psychology, I really love it. I have taken courses in Human Growth & Development, Humanism, Behaviorism, Counselling & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. My interest in this field is, huge, I love everything about it. What I have found to be most beneficial, is, the amount of understanding I have gained that I can now apply to every area of life because now I look at things differently. I try as hard as I can, not to judge, to understand instead, it is a much nicer way to live.  Here is  my personal development blog if you would like to take a look 🙂 I spend at least an hour a day reading & writing in order to gain as much as I can in the personal development & positive psychology area, just like photography, the lessons are never-ending.

I love to be creative, read, write, do activities like yoga and mindful practices such as long walks along the beach or in a park & just enjoying my surroundings, with, my camera of course. It’s always when I forget it, there is, something spectacular to capture, typical 🙂

One more fact about me is I’m very ethical, I became vegetarian because I love animals so much, I’m hoping to become vegan in the future.

↓↓ On that note meet my pets ↓↓