A day trip on a floating market


Damnoen Saduak, floating market, Thailand.

As a european the first time visit to a floating market is very different to what I’m used to. Me, my sister & a friend went on the day trip together. Our trip started off in Bangkok, which was our base for the whole time in Asia. It was just so much easier thank hauling all of out luggage around.

When we got to the floating market, there was a mix up with the boats. I got split up from them and ended up on a boat with a Korean family & one Italian woman. In the space of an hour I knew the Italian lady’s whole life story. But we had so much fun on the boat together, it actually turned out I enjoyed the split from the other two. Considering we were in it for the next two years together 🙂 Australia was after Asia.

What I learned that day in the market was Thai people have a very different lifestyle to Irish. There were a lot of older people still out working on the boats that would be retired in Ireland.

I think it was the first time I discovered what being mindful was. Just sitting on that boat taking it all in. There were men with snakes around their necks, older Thai ladies like the one in my picture selling different things everything is just so colorful. The hustle & bustle was just so lively. We even experienced a traffic jam all the boats bashing into each other.

It was really interesting to see how other people lived. If you make it to Thailand try it once & make sure you buy a souvenir. Enjoy the market but be cautious of the scammers because it is so busy there are many around. Once you have your wits you’ll be fine & enjoy.

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